(A) The amount of league games being undertaken makes it imperative that all games are played on or before the appointed time.

(B) Board delegates should consult with each other and agree fixtures well in advance.

(C) Every effort should be made to bring forward games that are clashing with County Championship fixtures. In extunating circumstances games not brought forward will be refixed but they must be played during the week following the championship game.

(D) If the appointed referee fails to attend, agreemnet must be reached between the contestants, on a substitute. failure to get the game played will mean forfeiture of league points.

(E) There are closing dates for the qualifying games in all leagues and points will be awarded to the team willing to play within the appointed time if a fixture is outstanding.

(F) Progress reports on leagues will take place on a monthly basis.

(G) Fixtures ratified at meetings cannot be altered. Request re: same to board officers between meeetings will not be entertained.

(H) All leagues must be at knockout stages on or before October 1st and all league finals will be played not later than November 30th. 

Championship Regulations

League Championships